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    Technology and humanity are two wings of medicine, and they are indispensable.

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Beijing Longleding Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional medical technology + service enterprise. Longleding medical technology is committed to introducing advanced IT technology into the core medical field, enabling advanced technology to become a powerful weapon for medical workers and providing technical impetus for medical research and practice. Longleding medical research team - senior, Core members have more than 10 years of clinical research experience; Longleding technical team - medical frontier, In database and data mining and AI application development, using Oracle, Python and other mainstream languages, followed by technology development trend, Combination of medical characteristics, Independently developed a number of technology leading medical research applications. Longleding medical technology use medical teams and IT technology team fuse into a team. Make medical research team have to master IT thought deeply; Make the IT team have a certain degree of medical knowledge. Technology is for medical services,so longleding medical technology more understanding of the technical problems of medical people, Longleding medical care more intelligent!